Anna pale is the sister of Belle pale and is played by (Shasia Everette) She will be playing as Anna Not to that she was cursed as a child at 6 years old and was brain washed by Her mather (marypale) playing by (Rily moesea) For brain washing her she kills her. Her Sister belle pale try to tell on her because she find out that she was cursed as a child played by (Riley Korea) as little anna. Anna's father james pale finded out later in the movie that Anna killed every in the house but he lived because that was Anna's father she loved him out of everyone.


Anna pale is cursed by her mather for not being born a boy her mother was a Poltergeist for ghosts of lost soul's Noboby never know that mary could do something like that so anna kills her by Anna's Evil eye Thats when Bella pale played by (hannah will)find out about anna that she killed ther mom for curseing her but before she can tell her dad James pale played by (George Scold)gets pushed down the stairs by anna Then she said before she die DON'T KILL DAD-Bella She die after that anna did listen to her they move away With out her dad knowing about anna.

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